Lionsgate Security

Meet the Team

Sheran Grey - Managing Director

sheran Award winning Entrepreneur with over 32 years in business. She is very customer focused and believes a successful business is one that is open, honest and transparent. Sheran comes from a long line of Police, including her Mother Valerie Grey who was one of the first Police Women in Wales back in the 1950’s. She has an excellent reputation throughout the business world and is known to be fair and honest.

Phil Garnett - Operations Director

phil Formerly of Show & Event, Phil has over 12 years’ experience in Security, managing many big festivals and events. Phil is well respected throughout the industry and is known for being able to get the job done.

Keith Brereton - Partner Manager

keith Keith has over 15 years experience working with Welsh Government and companies to make their businesses grow and become more secure.

Lauren Paul - Office Manager

lauren Lauren is honest and hardworking. She has a great eye for detail and is well liked by all clients and staff.
Lionsgate Security